Hiring an interior designer for a home remodel or home interior design does not mean that you have to start from scratch. Our professional interior designers can work with your existing furnishings and accessories to create a totally new and fresh look for your home.

The team of interior designers at the MM Interior Design Group can help you turn a kids room into an office, a spare bedroom into a craft room, or a basement into an entertainment room.  Our team has extensive experience with home renovations and home re-designs.  We’ll show you 3D renderings of room re-design ideas to help you envision what the remodel will look like.  Our home interior redesigns transform spaces into unique, creative, yet functional living areas.

Re-designing a room in your home may include:

  • Re-purpose rooms such as switching a study and dining room
  • Incorporating new colors to coordinate but change your current color scheme
  • Moving furniture to make better use of the space and flow of the room
  • Rehanging artwork for more visual appeal
  • Rearranging book shelves and accessories