MM Interior Design Group handles a large variety of projects with diverse scopes. Every project is unique and is focused on the individual client’s vision, goals, style, timeline and budget.

It feels like Christmas every time I have something done by Marta and her team.  Everything her team does is wonderful.  I’m so happy! JP

Residential Interior Design Services

Learn more about MMIDG residential interior design services.

Our interior designers have experience with a wide variety of styles from traditional to transitional, to contemporary and everything in between.

We design interiors that blend with our clients’  style preferences and the family’s lifestyles to provide truly creative and comfortable interiors.

Learn more about our residential interior design department.

Interior Design for New Construction

Learn more about MMIDG interior design services for new construction.

Whether you are building a new home or new location for your business, it can be quite stressful. There are so many decisions to make it can become overwhelming.  MM Interior Design Group has years of experience with interior design for new construction, new homes, or new commercial offices.  Our team learns your style preferences, needs, wants, and budget.  We incorporate those elements into interior design concepts that are presented in a virtual 3D rendering format to really help you visualize what your space will look like.  Once approved, we take care of all the details for you.

Learn more about our interior design department for new construction. 

Interior Design for Renovations

Learn more about MMIDG interior design services for home renovations.

Looking to get creative ideas to bring new life back into your existing space?  MM Interior Design Group will review your existing space and provide creative ideas to totally transform your area.  We will evaluate the space, provide design concepts, project scope, budget, and manage the project implementation and execution phases.

Learn more about our renovation department and be sure to visit our online gallery for inspiration.

Interior Design to Help with Downsizing

Learn more about how MMIDG can help with downsizing.

Downsizing from the family home can be difficult.  What furniture to keep?  What to move?  How to make the best use of a smaller space?  These are but some of the dilemmas seniors face when making the move from the family home to a smaller place.

Our interior designers have helped many seniors through this transition in their life.  We can use our experience to help you and your family navigate through it with less stress.

Learn more about using our interior design department to help you downsize.

Re-Design Services

Learn more about how MMIDG can you freshen up your space.

If you are looking to get a fresh look for an existing space, MM Interior Design Group can provide cost-effective concepts and solutions for you to consider.

We strive to design interiors that will match to your style (not ours) and fit well with your family’s life-style.

Learn more about our department to re-design your interior space.

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