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There is so much to read on the web.  Marta and her team are constantly sifting through relevant articles on home and commercial interior design to share.  We've listed some of the more valuable and interesting articles below.  Enjoy!

BAMBOO is a natural surface covering material that has many of the properties of hardwood flooring, even though it is actually produced from a type of grass. It shares many of the positive benefits of a hardwood floor, as well as the drawbacks and vulnerabilities. The more you understand the properties of this material, the better informed you will be when making a purchasing or maintenance decision.

Read the full article at THE SPRUCE.

Ipe and Teak are two of the highest quality woods available today. These two lumbers are both prized for their beauty and durability, but despite their similarities, Ipe and Teak are two very different types of wood. If you are seeking a high end lumber option and are considering using Ipe or Teak for your project, read the full article at ADVERTICIA.COM



Upcoming events that should be on your "short list" if a home remodeling, redesign, or new construction is in your future.

The dates for the upcoming High Point Furniture Market events are below.   Learn more at the FURNITURE MARKET website.

2017 Fall:         October 14 – 18

2018 Spring:   April 14 – 18

2018 Fall:        October 13 – 17

The dates for Greensboro’s popular Parade of Homes is October 14 – 15 and October 21 – 22.  Don’t miss this great event for home decor and interior design inspiration.  Learn more about the event at the GREENSBORO BUILDERS ASSOCIATION Website.

Don’t miss this great event to tour some of Greensboro’s finest remodeled home projects.

Upcoming dates for 2018 will be announced soon.



The Marta Mitchell Interior Design team uses numerous complex tools and software platforms in their design process.  We have provided some simple design tools below that will be useful (and fun!) for you.

Working through color selections can be overwhelming. Use this HANDY COLOR PICKER from Sherwin Williams to help visualize how different colors will look in your space.


Books & Magazines

These books and magazines are dedicated to the topics of interior design and home decor.  Another great resource for inspiration.

ARCHITECTURAL DIGEST MAGAZINE is the source for interior design and decor inspiration.


Interior Design Newsletters & Blogs

Newsletters and blogs can help you explore different styles, trends, and ensure your home interior and decor stays current.  Below are several of our "must read" sources.

A list of key Blogs wouldn’t be complete without our own blog of course.  Be sure and visit our BLOG and follow us on social media for tips and trends.


Frequently Asked Questions

Our daily conversations with clients often surfaces some of the similar type questions.  You may be seeking an answer to these interior design and home decor dilemmas too.  In the coming months we will be posting FAQs that we hope you will find helpful.  In the meantime, if you have a question, feel free to reach out to us.

Marta and her team use 3D renderings and walk-thru technology to help clients visualize the space.  The rendering technology we use creates images that are incredibly life-like.  It can be difficult to distinguish between a rendering and a “real picture”.

We hear time and time again that this technology helps our clients make decisions they feel confident about.  Renderings are also a great way to communicate design details that can otherwise be difficult to convey.

See examples of renderings on our capabilities page and learn how we use them in our recent blog post.