Many Purposes

A mirror can serve many purposes when applied to an interior space. Even when used in the most obvious application, it can yield many other benefits that the user may not be aware of.  While the use of a mirror can add to your space visually, it can also create a whole spectrum of effects that will be detailed below. {Image Courtesy of Hooker Furniture}

In the images above, the mirrors become the focal point of the space, demanding attention. Mirrors can stand alone, given the right application and space, or it can be grounded by hanging over a fine piece of furniture, or a fireplace. The reflection of light grabs your attention and also can also give the optical allusion of a bigger interior. {Image Courtesy of Baker Furniture}

Add Depth

Mirrors can come in all shapes, sizes, and styles.  Well crafted and finely designed ones can actually act as works of art themselves. Sometimes an artistic mirror might solely act as a piece of art instead of a functional framed reflection. {Image Courtesy of Baker Furniture}

Large Mirrors add Impact

Add some interest to your space by using a large, full scaled mirror. They can be modern or traditional but the scale alone will bring the impact. Floor mirrors that lean against the wall create a dramatic effect while adding a functional aspects as well.

{Image Courtesy of Hooker Furniture}

Mirror Groupings

Mirrors also work extremely well in groupings. From a set of three to a grid of squares. The multiplication creates another artistic expression while keeping the utilitarian purposes as well. From a simple set of three, to filling an entire wall, this is sure to add some unexpected interest and a completely unique look to your home.  {by Uttermost}

This grouping of three large, unique, vertical mirrors fills the wall space of this hall and creates a sense of anticipation before turning the corner and opening up and entering into this vibrant space.

{Images Courtesy of Uttermost}

So not only can mirrors reflect light, visually enlarge the space, and create focal points within a room, but they also act as art, create views of art, introduce dramatic elements, and provide some depth. As mentioned before, they come in all shapes and sizes. Here are a few that show the vast array of mirror designs. Try mixing in a mirror that contrasts the style of your space. Don’t get too caught up in matching the color or finish or even the frame’s molding type. It’s a good thing not to be too “matchy-matchy”. If you have a large wall, try grouping a group of one mirror style you love. And don’t be afraid to go big with your mirror’s size because in this case, bigger is most always better.

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