Luxury Home Interior Design

Starting a new “Signature Project” and providing luxury home decorating services is always a thrilling undertaking.

The client is excited and they have a full slate of creative ideas for the interior architecture and interior design of their luxury home.

The interior designer is excited to begin the new project with an luxury, upscale canvas.

Initial Meeting

The first meeting is always an adrenaline rush. There’s so much to understand and explore, from the client’s needs and vision, to their style and color preferences, all the while trying to discover their preferred blend of luxury and comfort (and trying to discover how this all fits in with their budget).  The first meeting includes a lot of listening and observing.

  • What is the family lifestyle?
  • What is the preferred design style?  Traditional, contemporary?
  • What are their likes and dislikes?
  • What are the absolute “must have” and “must not have”?
  • Meet the family members … including pets!
  • Take measurements of all rooms.
  • Snap photographs of rooms, walls, and current decor.

Back at the Studio

When we return to the office, we use all the information we have gathered to create an AutoCad digital drawing of the luxury home interior as it currently exist. This gives us the exact dimensions we need for the final space planning and layout.

All details will be considered including lighting requirements, furniture placements, fixtures, and countertops.  Once this step is complete, the design process begins.

Design Ideation

The most exciting part of a new luxury home design project is casting the client’s vision. How will it reflect the essence of the people who will inhabit it?  The critical task for a luxury home interior designer is to assist the client in transforming their upscale home to an environment that is perfect for them and their lifestyle.

The design team will share ideas, work collaboratively, and consider several different options before settling on the best design solution for the client’s luxury home interior. The team will create a proposal and renderings of the space and rooms.

This is the phase where the magic happens and when a interior decorator experienced with luxury home decorating is incredibly valuable.  A knowledgeable designer will be able to capture the homeowner’s style and needs, while still bringing their own unique vision and creativity.

A great designer knows to look at the design of a home holistically and not as a series of individual rooms. They are able to understand color and can blend color and design from room to room. Each room can still be very different, but flow seamlessly from one to another. Expert design utilizes multiple different color palettes, furniture, carpets, art, and accessories, to create dramatic results that are harmonious throughout the house.

3D Drawings & Virtual Walk-thru

The proposed designs will  be rendered in a 3D drawing.  This will give the client a photographic-like visual of what the finished space will look like.

The exciting part is when the team meets with the homeowners to share their design ideas and proposal.  A great designer will get a “Wow! That’s perfect! That’s exactly what we wanted!” and only need to make a few minor tweaks to the design.  Desired changes will be made and new renderings will be created.

Some clients may also want a “3D Digital Walk-Thru.” This is an awesome tool that allows them to “travel” through each room in their house, and see exactly how the finished space will be configured. That way they can make any additional changes before construction begins.

Bring Vision to Reality

After the client gives final approval on these new renderings, they can be put into action.  Sub-contractors are selected and hired.  Materials are ordered. Permits are requested. Project timelines are established.  Details of the approved designs and drawings are provided to sub-contractors.  These details include all the information to get the job done on time, on budget, and without costly mistakes.

At the end of the day, what it takes to design a luxury home is a mixture of natural talent, technical training, skill, and hard work. Or as Thomas Edison put it:

“Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.”

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