The Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina present some truly spectacular views. Anyone who’s taken a lazy drive down the Blue Ridge Parkway or hiked the Appalachian Trail knows its jaw dropping scenery. It’s no wonder that Asheville, Boone, Blowing Rock, and many other mountain towns have flourished into cultural hubs that attract visitors with their craft breweries, live music, and array of attractions.

Renovating a Luxury Mountain Home

Rock Supporting Foundation

The influx of new residents means that there’s a lot of new construction underway in the mountains of North Carolina. However, there are also some really old structures in absolutely beautiful locations that just need a little bit of Tender Loving Care–okay, maybe a lot of TLC!

Recently, our interior design team was fortunate to be involved with one such major renovation. The house had been built in the early 1900’s, and the views were absolutely magnificent.

But renovating a home that’s that old is easier said than done. Construction methods were less regulated back then, and the builders had located the rear foundation on a massive rock which supported the frame of the house. This means that this mountain home renovation project required an architectural and structural upgrade—it would need a retrofit to embrace modern codes, systems and technology.

A great team of interior design professionals will help you solve these challenges, and before you know it, you’ll be sitting on the porch of your mountain dream home, sipping a cocktail and watching the sun set over the mountain peaks.

Teamwork Makes Good Things Happen

Home renovation projects like this require a team approach. The homeowner, engineers, architect, builder, and interior designer all need to work collaboratively to make it a success. Everyone brings their various skill sets together, and by pooling our resources, we’re able to come up with the best ideas and solutions. Through teamwork we can save time and avoid costly mistakes.

From an interior designer’s standpoint, it’s critical to understand the client’s style preferences, vision for the interior design and style of their mountain home, and budget. Are they looking for a traditional style? Something rustic and cozy? Or an interior design that is more contemporary? What are their needs for family, visitors, and pets? Is this going to be a vacation home or primary residence? As with any interior design project, a professional interior designer will ask lots of questions and listen carefully.

It’s also essential for the interior designer to be on the same page. We hear horror stories about designers who create these wonderful, but unbuildable spaces. The best results are always achieved when the interior designer is trained and skilled in construction techniques.

sunset over the appalachian mountains the mountains are blue and the sky is a soft orange.During the building phase, there will  inevitably be points where the builder will come across an unforeseen obstacle and have to call the designer. This is where the interior designer has to be knowledgeable and quickly provide the builder with a solution without compromising the overall design elements.

Luxury mountain top homes present unique logistical challenges with a renovation or interior design underway. Access roads are almost always rough hewn, which makes it difficult to get materials, equipment, and supplies on-site.