Another fascinating High Point Market has come and gone in High Point, North Carolina. There were so many great new pieces of furniture from our favorite vendors to see and learn about.

It was also an opportunity to pick up on all the current trends. But there is more to furniture market than just furniture. Lighting vendors are a huge part of the market and this Spring Market did not disappoint.  {Lighting by Arteriors}

Lighting galleries boast of any type of lighting you can imagine: chandeliers, pendants, sconces, tracks, lamps and so on. But more importantly, they show the latest and the greatest of this year’s top design trends, energy efficiency, and technological advances.

These are not your average builder grade fixtures, however.  Take a look at a few trending styles w e picked up on from the lighting showrooms that we visited this market.

Light Fixtures as Works of Art

These gorgeous glass fixtures take on a sculptural presence. The colored glass sconces almost seem to be a beautifully unique translucent painting, lit from behind. While they are illuminated and do put out light, they are used more for their unique artistic characteristics than for the light they shed. They become pieces of art with the added bonus of illumination.  {Lighting by SkLO}

{Lighting by  Fine Art Lamps}

Natural Elements of Wood and Woven Fibers

Many lighting designers are thinking outside “the box” and using some unexpected materials in their latest designs. Wood, in the form of thin veneers and even woven forms were showcased by many vendors this year. Instead of a heavy, clunky fixture that might first come to mind when you imagine a wooden light fixture, think more ‘clean, simplified, and modern’.

Shiner by Homesource

Shiner by Homesource



Metal – Chained, Hammered and Cut Out

Metal was definitely big this year at High Point Market, in a funky kind of way. Some metal fixtures were very organic in form while others were very industrialized. One trend featured a play on classic styles, such as a traditional tiered chandelier, and removing the typical crystal decor and replacing them with metal chains. The outcome is a modern look but still with a traditional shape. We saw these in many configurations  and sizes.  The same principle has been applied to some fixtures but instead of the metal chains, they’ve used metal grate. Industrial meets traditional resulting in an unexpected yet interesting and definitely fashionable look.


{Lighting by Arteriors}

Nautical – Under the Sea

The nautical look is huge in design right now. From fashion to interiors, this trend’s influence has been seen and isn’t going away anytime soon.  Many fixture’s have taken cues from the aquatic nature of the trend. Some are more obvious and distinct, while others are more subtle and conceptual. Either take creates a fun and more lighthearted approach in the product’s design. Coral, Sea Urchins, Bubbles and perhaps even Jelly Fish are the connections we see to the nautical fad in the fixtures below. What do you see?


by SkLO


by  Arteriors


by  Arteriors


While this piece does look like an unusual creature we could find in an aquarium, the quartz it features is also another huge trend right now in the design world. A trend inside a trend! We love learning about these new trends and showing our clients!


Update a Classic

Not all trends shown at High Point Market feature the ultra modern. There is still a huge demand for the classic, elegant, and traditional fixtures. But there is nothing wrong with giving those timeless looks some fresh motifs. Take a look at the way these chandeliers have kept many of the same materials and structure, but how some of the forms have changed to give them a bit of an unexpected edge. These pieces would look great in a formal setting, keeping the right tone but adding some unique character at the same time.

Fine Art Lamps

by  Arteriors

by  Fine Art Lamps

by  Fine Art Lamps

What is your favorite trend from this year’s market. Can you envision any of these pieces installed in your own home? Let us know!

For more information about High Point Market, visit their website.