Living in Greensboro, High Point’s next door neighbor, we are able to take advantage of many design opportunities the furniture capital provides and present some of these findings to our clients!

On Tuesday we attended Showtime, the fabric market. Similar to the furniture market, Showtime allows the vendors to display the up and coming trends in color, pattern, and materials. This is actually where most furniture manufacturers come to shop for their line of fabrics that they offer to their customers to be applied to their own frames. However they won’t be showing these fabrics until the Spring Market. So here is your sneak peak!  {Images taken in Robert Allen’s Showroom}

Robert Allen, one of our favorite manufacturer’s was our first stop. We got a full walkthrough of each fabric and an explanation of their content, colorways, durability, price range, and even their perceived popularity. They introduced some unbelievable color combinations and unique patterns.

The Beacon Hill line was as extravagant and gorgeous as ever. They showed an outdoor fabric that had a great hand and weight yet was extremely soft and the colors were amazing. (Pictured above in the pink and orange flame stitch and gray and white ikat!)    {Image taken in Robert Allen’s Showroom}

Some fabrics shown are simply new colorway introductions from successful patterns. But for the most part, they are new patterns and colorways altogether. The showroom was set up by color and they have so many great patterns and solids that work perfectly together based on their color palettes.  

We also took some time to visit Kravet’s showroom. The fabric pictured to the right was our favorite. A large scale geometric with gold and silver. Amazing. {Image taken in Kravet’s Showroom}

We were able to spend the day searching for the perfect fabric for several customers. We can’t wait to get all of our samples in from our day trip to the fabric market.

We definitely  have a lot of fresh, new fabrics to work with.