This Greensboro client was looking for an overall home update–something with a modern flare

that would really make them and their kitty feel right at home.

In the kitchen, we brought in a breakfast table that was custom designed by MMID through Charleston Forge. Custom designed furniture is the perfect way of getting a piece that meets your needs and fits your style exactly. Not to mention, there won’t be any copycats! This custom breakfast table is one-of-a-kind.

New Shades Update Kitchen Style

To update the kitchen’s style and bring new color into the space we added new custom Roman shades. Kitty’s already making himself at home!

Just off the kitchen was a rarely used formal dining room that the clients were looking to transform into something more functional. We suggested a gate-leg table that folds into a console table. The new table along with the new chairs and ottoman created a casual sitting area with room for the kids to play their guitars with their dad. The gate-leg table can be easily converted into a dining room table for any occasion, preserving the dining room functionality of the space.

Bold Use of Color

READ 1READ 2This client wasn’t a fraidy-cat when it came to using color! With a new rug and a fresh coat of paint, the additions of bright orange, turquoise, and red created a bright oasis. Now Kitty enjoys basking in the new warm glow of this space.
What used to be an office with heavy desk furniture has now been converted into a more casual reading and homework room for both kids and parents. The addition of the colorful rug, bright red chair, and new end table, make this the perfect space to curl up with a cat or a good book!

Lighten Up the Living Room

LR 1
LR 3In the living room, the client was looking to be rid of the dark, cave-like feel of the room caused by tall sofas and heavy drapery, and open it into something brighter and more inviting. There was also the challenge of balancing the two main focal points of the room: the fireplace and the television.
This was all achieved with a new sectional that opened up floor space that the previous sofas had been hogging. The addition of a large, new rug brought in style and color with a fun, funky pattern. Custom pillows were crafted to accent the reoccurring patterns in the space. And Kitty thinks the new leather ottoman is just purr-fect!

Accent Pieces Create Points of Interest

As an alternative to the former big, bulky wooden pieces, we chose open, sculptural, metal furniture that kept the living room feeling spacious. These chairs also act as useable art, creating points of interest in the room while adding more seating. We placed them in front of the windows, but instead of blocking the windows, as the previous chairs had, their open design allows more light to enter the room without compromising functional space. The webbed end tables are not only stylish, but also make a great place for Kitty hide.With these updates the house now feels modern and rejuvenated; both client and Kitty are looking like the cat that got the cream!