The 3D Modeling technology available for our interior designers can really help our clients see and “walk-thru” the changes we are recommending.  While not used for all projects, it is certainly very helpful for complete renovations and complex projects.  Below are a few of our interior design 3D Modeling examples from recent projects we have completed.

Island Home Renovation

This project involved a complete renovation to a grand old home. Walls and passages were removed; the Interior Architecture was rearranged; and furniture, finishes and fixtures were selected. The 3D modelling enabled the client to tour every room of the space, before construction. Click to view the 3D model, and some AFTER photographs.

Lake Home Renovation

This beautiful lake home project involved a complete renovation to achieve a new personality. Walls were removed to provide more open space; the kitchen and bathrooms were upgraded; and every room in the home was redesigned. Incredible furnishings, light fixtures, rugs, original paintings and beautiful finishes produced a stunning result. Click to view the 3D model which the client was able to view prior to construction.

French Country Home

This 3D model details the proposed exterior elevations, roof lines and finishes. The flyover shows the entrance ways, garages, landscaping, and fixtures, which can easily be digitally modified. This process maximizes beauty and functionality and avoids expensive rework. Click to view this magnificent exterior.

Church Renovation

This client renovated several buildings into a contemporary church. The 3D model provided the Capital Campaign Committee with a visual demonstration of the proposed space-plan for their fund raising. The money was raised, and the Church was completed. Click to view the lobby and sanctuary virtual tour.

Mountain Home Renovation

This client came to us with a space planning challenge. They wanted to remove a structural wall in order to connect the living room and open up the kitchen. We provided a working 3D model in which we were able to show the new layout, remove the wall, re-route the stairs; even down to new furniture selections and rugs! Click to view this renovation.