arnold-house-87When it comes to your home’s design, how complete is your interior? Many times we get caught up in the big decisions such as space planning, furniture selection, and wall colors that by the time everything is in place we forget all about the art work, the icing on the cake. Artwork is like jewelry to your home, but it doesn’t have to be frilly or over the top, many times understated pieces work best. The art you choose is important. It should be something that you enjoy. Pieces of art can be sentimental or they can be new purchases. They can tie a space together with unifying colors, but they most certainly do not have to “match” your room. Bringing in something unique is surprising and fun and will add an even more custom look to the space.

Scale is Important

boran-house-38-EditWhen selecting art, scale is an important factor. You don’t want the pieces to become overpowering or feel too heavy or too light.

This canvas is great because it is the perfect size for the table and vignette it hangs above, but it also adds some height which gives this small setup lots of drama and interest.

Large Scale Art Fills a Space

day2-132If you have a wall that doesn’t have much going on and really want to add a punch of color and movement, try adding a large scale piece of hanging art that will fill the area.

This works wonders in the simple bathroom above. It’s like adding another window into the space.

Grouping Images

Grouping multiple images together on a large wall is a great way to not only fill a large or long space when you might not have the perfect large scale piece to do the trick, but it also can create a story when you group images that all work together.

Art Comes in Many Forms

When planning out your pieces, don’t forget that art can be more than just a picture in a frame or a painted canvas. Art comes in many forms, shapes, and sizes.

Sculptural pieces are great and can be very minimalistic and understated or very dramatic. Either way, they add another point of interest to your space that does not stop short of a frame. Collections that can be displayed hanging on the wall, such as dishes, are also a nice alternative. Mix shapes, sizes, and color or keep it toned down with one pattern.

Place Art above a Shelf

IMG_0484 IMG_0444When you place art above a shelf, you can sometimes opt to let the piece simply lean on its own against the wall. This gives a bit less formal feel and can also simply be an opportunity for you to live with the piece in that location for a while and see how you feel about it without making a “permanent” decision.

Lighting Makes a Difference

arnold-house-81-EditAfter finding the perfect piece for your room, don’t forget about proper lighting. You want to be able to actually see all the details and color after all. There are many options for this aspect as well but know that a portrait light is most certainly not your only option. Track lighting is great because you can adjust the light to be directed towards many different pieces. Even the right lamp placed below a piece can add a lot of needed light to showcase your artistic choices.


Can’t find the perfect piece for your space? Consider contracting a designer or artist to create a custom piece for you based on your wildest dreams. It will be something you treasure for ever and truly unique.