IMG_1366While living in a high rise in New York or Chicago has always been the norm, downtown living in smaller cities has not always been as popular until recently. Smaller, up and coming cities across the country are seeing a revitalization of their downtown communities. People have viewed the city as a place for work, the courts, and other government offices. But these days, within many metropolis’ you can find places not only  to work, but also to live, eat, and play.

High rise condos and apartment buildings are filled with not only young professionals but also empty nesters who have grown tired of keeping up with a huge house and yard. More and more people are moving downtown and bringing more life and energy to the city.

Downtown Revitalization

Greensboro, NC is a great example of this revitalization of downtown communities.  This city has been undergoing an evolution over the past ten years that now shows evidence in the energy of the urban makeup.  Centerpoint had a big impact on this revitalization and is located in the key area facing Center City Park, which in itself embodies the excitement that the city has to offer.

IMG_1349Recently, we have had the opportunity to work on two condos within Centerpoint. Both are extravagant and posh but they embody very different design styles.

The first is a contemporary scheme featuring clean lines, bold and funky accent colors, and sleek textures.

The kitchen provides a dramatic impression with a combination of contrasting textures such as contemporary cabinetry, sleek and simple hardware, stainless appliances, dark stained wood floors, polished granite counter tops and the matte, glossy tile back splash and the gorgeous colored glass work seen in the drop pendants.


The home’s large windows allow the views to act as the art in the space. The view of Greensboro is so gorgeous.

The furniture takes a minimalist approach, as not to distract from the bold statement of the large wall of windows, yet supplies maximum comfort and quality. It also has an airy feel as the sectional has feet and light can flow underneath it and the table’s streamlined glass top adds another translucent aspect also allowing light to flow through the space. This apartment feels like the perfect place to call home and is located in a great location!

Traditional or Contemporary

The second interior is quite a contrast to the first but also contrasts what many may perceive a downtown apartment to look and feel like. While many of those people who inhabit city condos, apartments, and lofts choose to go with a more modern and funky look, more traditional and classic aesthetics can definitely still fit right in to these spaces. This home features deep, warm colors and heavier textures.


The windows still play a huge roll in the space’s visual make up. The golden walls and deep reds compliment the sea of green trees in this room’s breath taking view of Greensboro. The window treatments are still kept simple and very practical and don’t take away from the window’s or views beneath.

The use of upholstery here has a much more lux and grander feel with the mix of dark, rich leather, colorful throw pillows, and deep chocolate geometric patterns all playing perfectly with the colorful traditional rug as the back drop.


Beautiful wooden case goods paired perfectly with the perfect accessories and lamps complete this living room set up. The touch of color on the walls also helps to create that sense of richness already displayed in the furniture’s scale, color, and texture. The window treatments are introduced here once again and are the perfect balance between the more modern architecture and classical furnishings. Again we see the views of the window making a huge impact on the space within. The gorgeous old buildings outside with classic architectural styling that is so fitting with colors, furniture, and accents within the space.

No matter what style you are attracted to, it can be made to work in many different settings. It’s actually a great look to mix and match styles and this is not limited to furniture. You can introduce modern furniture into a classic, historic space or visa versa. It just takes the right amount of furnishings, in the right coverings to make it look intentional and well thought out. Or, on the other hand, moving to a new space such as a downtown condo could be the perfect time to try out a brand new style and have some fun.