How to decide where to place your TV?

Deciding where to place the TV can be a dilemma in many households.  Put it front and center or tucked away and hidden?  These considerations can help settle the debate. Do you use your TV much of the time?  You'll likely want it front and center. Would you prefer your TV to blend into the room? A console or entertainment center can help take the focus off the TV. Other high-tech options are available to [...]

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How do you find a good interior designer?

A professional interior designer will help you create the home you have always dreamed of, while reducing material costs, project time, and helping you avoid costly mistakes. The ideal designer will also make the process fun and a hassle free experience.  Here's our top tips. Look for an interior designer with formal training Make sure they can match to your life style and design style Make sure they can keep your interior design budget in [...]

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How do you select the correct RUG?

Rugs have the power to affect the entire area that they’re in, and that’s a powerful tool when it comes to redecorating. A new rug could be exactly what you need when you’re looking for a dramatic, quick, and inexpensive change.   Read more about selecting rugs for your home interior in our blog article One Items that Packs the Biggest Punch - Rugs.

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How do you select the correct MIRROR?

A mirror can serve many purposes when applied to an interior space. Even when used in the most obvious application, it can yield many other benefits that the user may not be aware of.  While the use of a mirror can add to your space visually, it can also create a whole spectrum of graphic effects.  Read more about how to select the perfect mirror for your home interior in our blog post Mirrors! They can [...]

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How do you select the correct TILE?

Tile is one of the most versatile mediums in your home. Selecting the best tile to use for your new home or home renovation project can be confusing with all the options available today. When it comes to tile selection, there are several factors to consider such as material, cost, placement, and installation. Because tile is available in such a wide variety, it can really bring some exciting character to your home.   Read more about [...]

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What are renderings and how are they used?

Marta and her team use 3D renderings and walk-thru technology to help clients visualize the space.  The rendering technology we use creates images that are incredibly life-like.  It can be difficult to distinguish between a rendering and a "real picture". We hear time and time again that this technology helps our clients make decisions they feel confident about.  Renderings are also a great way to communicate design details that can otherwise be difficult to convey. [...]

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