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Highrise Downtown Living

While living in a high rise in New York or Chicago has always been the norm, downtown living in smaller cities has not always been as popular until recently. Many smaller, up and coming cities across the country are seeing a revitalization of their downtown communities.

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Powder Rooms: Unique Design Opportunities

I don't think that it is a surprise to anyone that we love color. It excites us, motivates us, and inspires us. And while we love to use it in bold ways, it is not the ideal scheme for every client. But something interesting we have noticed as interior designers, is that in most cases, regardless of how daring a role hue and saturation plays in the main living spaces, many are willing to [...]

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Allow Me to Introduce Myself.

Hello all! My name is Emily Wilson and I am the newest member of Marta Mitchell Interiors. I am originally from Memphis, Tennessee where I was born and raised. Art and design have been major influences in my life, since I was very young as I come from a very creative home. I have lived in the Greensboro area since 2004 and have recently bought my first home with my husband Matt, our little girl [...]

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