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Furniture Market Fall 2012 Findings Revealed

Furniture Market has come and gone. We had a great time visiting our favorite showrooms, finding great new vendors, and previewing most recent trends in our industry. Although we had an incredibly busy week scouting out the showrooms to find the perfect pieces for multiple client's projects, we were able to capture a few images to share with you all. These are only a few of the many spectacular products and showrooms at the market [...]

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Powder Rooms: Unique Design Opportunities

I don't think that it is a surprise to anyone that we love color. It excites us, motivates us, and inspires us. And while we love to use it in bold ways, it is not the ideal scheme for every client. But something interesting we have noticed as interior designers, is that in most cases, regardless of how daring a role hue and saturation plays in the main living spaces, many are willing to [...]

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5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Live in a Museum

Wouldn’t it be easy to design a home, or even just a room, if we chose a favorite style and copied the way people did things at that period in time? Straight from a history book. We would end up with a “perfect” look and our home would turn out to look just like a museum’s vignette – just like the historical homes we all enjoy visiting when on vacation (my family excluded!). And if [...]

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