We recently completed a renovation project. Walls were removed, spaces were opened. Furnishings, color, accessories completed the drama with contrast to enliven the space. And, as always, a few stripes were added!  Here are just a few views.

The Kitchen


Kitchen - after

This bulky and outdated island was replaced by a current, dramatic and dynamic centerpiece — also much more useful and practical! The addition of the island makes the space feel so much larger. It is also a great place for friends and family to gather around. We love adding fun bar stools to a great island!

The Living Room

Before, it was an unused Living Room. It served no purpose and is was isolated from the rest of the house. Basically, wasted space. After we redesigned the space, it became an open multi-purpose room for TV entertainment, home office space, and an area to just relax and hang-out!

The Family Room

Living Room - Beforefurniture contrastBefore, the Family Room was closed-in and dark. Uninviting.  During the renovation, we added a little contrast and furniture was arranged creating an open and inviting space. Color and warmth was added with art and accessories.

The Foyer

And the STRIPES! Just a small touch around the now open Foyer. Tah-dah…130604MMID_0048