High Point Market, Spring 2014

Another fascinating High Point Market has come and gone in High Point, North Carolina. There were so many great new pieces of furniture from our favorite vendors to see and learn about. It was also an opportunity to pick up on all the current trends. But there is more to furniture market than just furniture. Lighting vendors are a huge part of the market and this Spring Market did not disappoint.

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Mirrors! They can reflect your personality.

A mirror can serve many purposes when applied to an interior space. Even when used in the most obvious application, it can yield many other benefits that the user may not be aware of.  While the use of a mirror can add to your space visually, it can also create a whole spectrum of effects that will be detailed below.

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The ART of Hanging ART

When it comes to your home’s design, how complete is your interior? Many times we get caught up in the big decisions such as space planning, furniture selection, and wall colors that by the time everything is in place we forget all about the art work, the icing on the cake.

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Highrise Downtown Living

While living in a high rise in New York or Chicago has always been the norm, downtown living in smaller cities has not always been as popular until recently. Many smaller, up and coming cities across the country are seeing a revitalization of their downtown communities.

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The Secrets Behind Color Psychology

Did you know that the color of your interior environment can determine your mood? Believe it or not, this phenomenon is more important than being surrounded by your "favorite color". Color psychology in interiors has been widely studied over the years. It provides many great solutions to an interior’s aesthetic, but it can also make you feel “oh, so good….” Go Bold with Red The color red is a stimulant. This [...]

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Window Treatments Add Finishing Touch

Window treatments are a great way to add the finishing touches to a space. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but they also provide a function. There are so many varieties and applications available these days (especially if your designer is working with a professional custom window treatment workroom), that it is easy to get overwhelmed and confused by all the details. Working with a professional interior designer will enable you to get the right treatment [...]

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Designing for our “Furry Friends”

 Years ago, while working with a client who wanted to redo their family room, the task was designing a space that would be beautiful, comfortable, and practical for their lifestyle. So the first thing in my "to-do" list was to learn their lifestyle. I spent time at their house while all the residents were there and made my notes. I came up with a plan working closely with the wife. Once we were pretty [...]

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